Top 3 things you can do for seasonal allergies:

  1. Temporarily AVOID:  dairy, wheat, and soy – the top three food allergens. 

  2. Have a food intolerance testing done.  Dr Brown recommends:  MRT Leaps 150 Foods Test

    • We run these frequently in our practice to help people suffering from allergies
    • Removing the foods you test positive for (temporarily) can significantly reduce the effects of seasonal allergies and help a variety of other conditions
    • We can run order these at reduced prices for our clients
  3. Try AllerDHQ – (click on the Xymogen ICON) – referral code needed: royals

    • This is an excellent, natural medicine based, anti-histamine that works amazingly well
    • AllerDHQ provides fast-acting, natural support for hypersensitivity reactions (seasonal allergies like Hay Fever), including watery, itchy eyes and runny nose, as well as other manifestations of histamine release. Formulated with a synergistic combination of vitamins, bio avonoids, amino acids, herbs, and bromelain



Dealing with Seasonal Allergies? Top Three Things To Do!
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