Hormone issues – thyroid? Female? Male? Adrenal?

    Top Things You Can Do: Get comprehensive testing done to find out what your levels are Adaptogenic based botanicals – used appropriately – can help balance and modulate your various hormone systems Eat more organic foods, predominantly plant

Does your child suffer from ADD, ADHD, or Autism? Read on….

       There is a LOT of overwhelming information on the internet these days…. some accurate, some not… regarding how to treat these conditions.   Your child does NOT have to be drugged into numbness indefinitely.  There are a

Committing 2017 to a Healthier & Happier You!!!

It is the start of a New Year and a LOT of people are making their New Year’s resolutions.  How about making one of them the gift of committing to your Health (and Happiness) with a natural medicine based consultation

Ways to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides naturally!

Exercise for at least 20 minutes – 3x/week – ideally interval style of workouts where your heart rate goes up and down Intermittent Fasting – consume all of your calories between noon and 8pm.   Try this 2-3 days per

Healing Quotes – Day 17 of our 25 Ways to Wellness Holiday Countdown

The power of belief and positive mind set have been well established in the medical literature.  Take time to read words of inspiration and positivity!   For you to enjoy and contemplate:

Personalizing hormone testing (women & men) with select genetic markers – Day 16 of our 25 Ways to Wellness Holiday Countdown

We are excited to announce the addition of select genetic testing markers to the urinary hormone profiles – Complete Hormones and Essential Estrogens – done thru Genova Diagnostics Laboratory.  Assessment of these select genomic markers (also known as SNPs) in conjunction with

Top things you can do to prevent the flu – Day 15 of our 25 Ways to Wellness Holiday Countdown

Thought I would give a quick list of simple tips, in addition to the above mentioned (see picture), you can do to minimize your chances of getting the flu this winter season.  We follow most of these in our household