Check out our FaceBook live “Doc Talk” happy hour session talking “all things hormones”.  Dr Brown reviews:

What you need to know about testing, assessing, balancing, and treating hormonal issues.  This is a GREAT happy hour talk!  Please click on the below link to watch this video:

  • Female hormones – menopause, peri-menopause, PCOS, and more

  • Male hormones and associated conditions

  • Adrenal glands and hormones – adrenal fatigue, poor sleep, and associated issues

  • Thyroid hormones – hypothyroidism, hashimoto’s and other thyroid conditions

  • Proper lab testing for hormonal conditions

All things Hormones – Female, Male, Adrenal, Thyroid. Our Facebook live Happy Hour video from 5-5-20

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Do you have hormonal issues? A Naturopathic Doctor’s video on hormonal balancing.
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