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Nutrition | Hormones | Homeopathy

Botanical Medicines | Supplements | Lab Testing

 Detoxification | Dietary Intervention | Using Foods as Medicine 

Our Functional Medicine Services utilize the above areas of expertise.

Functional Medicine Services & Appointments

Let Kansas City’s top Integrative, Naturopathic, and Functional Medicine clinic design a treatment plan for you

*read more BELOW about our Free 15min consultations

Comprehensive Appointments

These appointments are very comprehensive. Chart notes are kept and developed, a patient plan sheet with an individualized health care plan is created and given to each patient.

Short Comprehensive Session –  $126 (20-30 minutes in length)

Medium Comprehensive Session – $189 (30-45min in length)

Full Comprehensive Session – $252 (50-60 minutes in length)*


Additional Functional Medicine Sessions:

Doc Talk

Express 30-Minute Q&A Session

These express sessions are 30 minutes in duration and follow a non-formal question and answer (Q&A) format. These sessions are the shortest of our functional medicine services, designed for people who are looking for guidance regarding their health issues and at the same time wishing to keep costs down.

No chart notes are kept and no Patient Plan sheet is written. It is an opportunity for you to have a more informal check-in with Dr Brown, to bring your own questions, and take your own notes. Dr. Brown will make himself available to chat freely and make basic suggestions with regards to your diet, healthy foods, lifestyle changes, labs,  and supplements.

We provide these Doc Talk express Q&A sessions to help clients maintain their nutritional and wellbeing focus, by consulting with an expert in the field, while keeping costs down.


  • Sessions are strictly kept to 30-minutes
  • Cost per session is $90 (cash), $99 (credit card).
    • NOTE – if paying with a credit card you must make payment at the time you schedule your session
  • You’re free to book as many Doc Talk sessions as you’d like on an ongoing and as needed basis
  • Payment is due when scheduling the appointment (if paying by credit card)
    • NOTE – if paying with cash, your payment is collected at the beginning of the session
  • Sessions are available remotely via Phone or Google Hangout
  • It is highly recommended that you take your own notes!

Free 15-Minute Consultations

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The FREE 15 minute consultations are perfect for anyone wanting to find out more about Naturopathic, Integrative, or Functional Medicine services and how Dr. Brown might be able to help your condition. Whether that’s simply improving your general wellbeing, or treating a specific condition, this is a great place to start.

Sessions are for new patients only, strictly kept to 15 minutes, and available by phone only. Please call 913-333-8798 or click to schedule your free 15-minute overview appointment.


Please call us at 913-333-8798 or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.  

Appointments available:  In-office or via Phone or Google Hangouts for people who live out of state

*PLEASE NOTE: Comprehensive Appointments that go over 60 minutes will be billed based on the additional time required:

i.e – a 90-minute consult will be 252 + 126 = $378

Notes on Insurance & Lab Testing


Insurance coverage is a tricky topic when it comes to using a functional medicine approach. Many times if this type of practice is covered, it significantly restricts the quality and individualized approach to healthcare. Insurance will only cover certain procedures and in many cases mandates the treatment option depending on the diagnosis. In the interest of being able to provide individualized and personalized health care based on your particular needs, we do not accept or bill insurance for consultations. This also permits us to keep our cash prices at reasonable rates.

Lab Testing

Naturae’s Path offers a very broad range of state of the art laboratory testing through many conventional and functional medicine based laboratories including but not limited to MRT Leaps/Oxford Biomedical, Genova Diagnostics & MetametrixDoctor’s DataNorth Bay DiagnosticsTrue HealthSpectracell, and a variety of other labs.