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Let Kansas City’s top Integrative, Naturopathic, and Functional Medicine clinic design a treatment plan for you

Comprehensive Appointment fees – new pricing effective 2/13/23

Via:  In-office, telemedicine, or phone


*New patient appointments  – $300    (30-45 minutes in length)

*Note – most new patient appointments are approximately 30-45 minutes in length


Follow up appointments are billed at a lower rate:

15 minutes or less = $90 (these are limited to phone ONLY)

15-30 minutes = $180

30-45 minutes = $270


* We also offer a free 15 minute consultation for prospective new patients.

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* The FREE 15 minute consultations are perfect for anyone wanting to find out more about naturopathic, integrative, or functional medicine services and if this type of approach might be good for you.  These are for prospective new patients, strictly kept to 15 minutes, and available by phone only. Please call 913-333-8798 or click to schedule your free 15-minute overview appointment.

Please call us at 913-333-8798 or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.  

Notes on Insurance & Lab Testing


In the interest of being able to provide individualized and personalized health care based on your particular needs, we do not accept or bill insurance for consultations. This also permits us to keep our cash prices at reasonable rates.

Lab Testing

Naturae’s Path offers a very broad range of state of the art laboratory testing through many conventional and functional medicine based laboratories including but not limited to MRT Leaps/Oxford Biomedical, Genova Diagnostics & MetametrixDoctor’s DataNorth Bay DiagnosticsTrue Health, and a variety of other labs.

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*In-office, tele-medicine, and phone consultations available