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Have you ever considered going to a Naturopathic Medicine Clinic?  Would you like to know more about how naturopathic medicine might help you?  Click on the below link to schedule a free consultation.  Also, please read additional information below regarding insurance, lab testing, and prices.  

Click here to schedule a Free 15 minute Consultation with Dr Brown.  

These appointments are available for those who want to find out more about Naturopathic | Functional | Holistic | Integrative medicine and how Dr Brown might approach your condition. These are strictly kept to 15 minutes and available by phone only.  Please call our main number at 913-333-8798 or click on the above link to schedule your free 15-minute overview appointment.  

How does insurance work?

Insurance coverage is a tricky topic when it comes to using naturopathic/functional/integrative medicine. Many times if this type of practice is covered it significantly restricts the quality and individualized approach to healthcare. Insurance will only cover certain procedures and in many cases mandates the treatment option depending on the diagnosis. In the interest of being able to provide individualized and personalized health care based on your particular needs, we do not accept or bill insurance for consultations. This also permits us to keep our cash prices at reasonable rates.   We will, however, provide you with the CPT and ICD-10 codes you need so that you can self-submit the fees to your insurance provider and we strongly encourage you to do so.  However, when it comes to lab testing, depending on your insurance provider, we may be able to get a large portion of the lab work covered.  Please bring a copy of your insurance card to your appointment so that we can do an insurance check before ordering labs.    

Will there be lab testing involved?

Naturae’s Path offers a very broad range of state of the art laboratory testing through many conventional and functional medicine based laboratories including but not limited to: MRT Leaps/Oxford Biomedical, Genova Diagnostics/MetametrixDoctor’s DataNorth Bay DiagnosticsNeuroscienceDiagnostechs, True HealthSingulex, Spectracell,  Quest Diagnostics, and a variety of other labs.

Fees for Services

Please call us at 913-333-8798 or visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.  

Short Session –  $126  (20 – 30 minutes in length)

Mid-range Session – $189 (30-45min in length)

Extended Session – $252 (50-60 minutes in length)*

Lab testing prices – will depend on your insurance

Appointments available:  In-office or via phone/skype for people who live out of state

*please note: appointments that go over 60 minutes will be billed based on above parameters

i.e – a 90 minute consult will be 252 + 126 = $378

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