Naturopathic Doctor in Kansas City Doc Talk: Top 6 Things to do for Seasonal Allergies.

Top 6 things you can do for Seasonal Allergies using a Naturopathic Medicine Approach: Temporarily AVOID:  dairy, wheat, soy, corn, and eggs – the top food allergens.  Have a food intolerance testing done.  Dr Brown recommends:  MRT Leaps 150 Foods

Naturopathic Doctor in Kansas City – Doc Talk on Hormonal issues: Thyroid Hormones, Female Hormones, Male Hormones, Adrenal Hormones

Top Things You Can Do to Balance Your Hormones – Female, Male, Thyroid, Adrenal Get comprehensive hormone testing done to find out what your levels are. Certain herbal/botanical medicines used appropriately can help balance and modulate your various hormone systems.

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