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Seasonal Allergies: Functional Medicine’s Top 6 Tips for Relief in 2018 – Naturae's Path


Seasonal allergies can be an inconvenience, especially during the Fall or Spring.

That being said, did you know that cleaning and servicing your air conditioning system is a great way to prevent a build-up of harmful allergens that can aggravate allergies in your home? Correspondingly, if your air conditioning system could benefit from a service, an HVAC specialist such as Buric Heating and Air Conditioning can help rid your system of dust and allergens. For more information head to:

For now though, here are 6 more easy tips to help you find relief during allergy season:

1. Temporarily avoid dairy, wheat, soy, corn, canola oil, pork, and eggs

These are the top food allergens.

2. Have a food intolerance test done.

We run these frequently in our practice to help people suffering from allergies. Removing the foods you test positive for (temporarily) can significantly reduce the effects of seasonal allergies and help a variety of other conditions. We can order these at reduced prices for our clients.

Dr. Brown recommends: White Blood cell based food intolerance testing – please call us for more details.

3. Eat 1-3 tsp daily of raw, local organic honey!

4. Eat more organic berries

blueberries (especially wild blueberries), raspberries, strawberries, blackberries.

These are loaded with bioflavonoids, vitamin c, and other phytonutrients that act as natural anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories.

5. Try taking a tablespoon per day of Udos 369 Blend

A plant-based essential fatty acid oil full of omega 3’s and omega 6’s your body needs to modulate your immune system and reduce inflammation.

6. Try HistaEze

Available on Wellevate from our Supplement Store.

This is an excellent, natural medicine based, anti-histamine that works amazingly well.

From the HistaEze literature:

HistaEze™ is a synergistic blend of nutrients that provides natural support to help balance the immune response during allergy season. It features Tinofend®, a patented and clinically researched extract derived from the plant Tinospora cordifolia, which has been shown to regulate key immune mediators and support the activity of macrophages. Tinofend® supports the immune response by promoting a balance of phagocytic white blood cells and eosinophils.HistaEze™ also contains quercetin, nettle leaf, and vitamin C, all of which have long histories of use in helping to support immune balance during the allergy season. Additionally, bicarbonate salts are included for their role in maintaining normal histamine metabolism. Made with non-GMO ingredients.

If you have any more questions regarding allergies, the seasons, or functional medicine in general; take advantage of our FREE 15-minute consultation with Dr. Michael Brown.

Seasonal Allergies: Functional Medicine’s Top 6 Tips for Relief in 2018
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