Do you have hormonal issues? A Naturopathic Doctor’s video on hormonal balancing.

Check out our FaceBook live “Doc Talk” happy hour session talking “all things hormones”.  Dr Brown reviews: What you need to know about testing, assessing, balancing, and treating hormonal issues.  This is a GREAT happy hour talk!  Please click on

15 Minute Workout, Simple Eating Plan, Breathing, Cold Showering = Healthy Weight Loss Healthy Life

Today’s DOC TALK: Even 15 minutes of exercise can significantly enhance your metabolism and help you lose those extra pounds. Short sessions of movement, especially interval training that involves some sort of cross training types of movements, can help prevent

CoQ10 and Astaxanthin – for athletic performance!

After a review of the literature as both an athlete and naturopathic physician, I am a HUGE fan of CoQ10 and astaxanthin. That said, the growing body of research supporting natural astaxanthin’s use in the world of athletic training is impressive. I speculate with time that we will see even more positive human studies for this exceptional nutrient in not only the athletic world but many other categories as well. Given the data on each of these powerhouse nutrients, one could argue that BOTH may be of benefit to include in a daily supplement regimen for training (and aging!) athletes.

Medical CBD – Finally, A Professional-Grade CBD product worthy of the hype

Medical CBD – Finally, A Professional-Grade CBD product worthy of the hype

Medical CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil & Gummies Top Quality Medical CBD – Professional Line only Increased consumer attention has led to emerging scientific research on the numerous benefits of hemp-derived cannabidiol.         Benefits include: The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Naturopathic Doctor in Kansas City Talks About – Top Three Reasons to Test for Food Allergies

Why is food sensitivity testing so important for your health?  A Naturopathic Doctor in Kansas City gives us the answer. By identifying the foods that your body is sensitive too and removing them for a certain period of time, you

The most popular nowadays THC detox drinks and pills. They are an ensured approach to take out weed from your framework and finish a medication assessment, however it is critical to recall that they require appropriate use and precise time the executives to be fruitful since their impact is constrained to a couple of hours after which the cure is discharged from the body and stops to act. Review THC cleanse items are generally best inside 2–5 hours after utilization, so plan to begin your detox procedure around 2 hours before the time you must be spotless from hints of weed. Niacin pills are generally utilized as a dietary enhancement for individuals who are experiencing elevated cholesterol levels or low niacin levels, yet it is additionally frequently used to build the soundness of skin, hair and eyes. A niacin pill has around 500mg of niacin in it and the prescribed every day portion is dependent upon 2000mg, to forestall the event of negative reactions. Discussing more about niacin pills benefits and side effects, please,review the article.