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Even 15 minutes of exercise can significantly enhance your metabolism and help you lose those extra pounds. Short sessions of movement, especially interval training that involves some sort of cross training types of movements, can help prevent weight gain and even result in healthy weight loss – Dr Michael Brown. 

15 minutes of exercise, a simple eating plan that works for you, breathing correctly for 3-6 minutes per day, and ending your showers with cold water will in essence perform miracles in these areas:

  • Enhancing your metabolism and thus helping with healthy weight loss
  • Improve the function of your lymphatic system which can enhance detoxification
  • Balance your endocrine system improving blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Strengthen and optimize your immune system
  • Elevate your serotonin and other neurotransmitters resulting in a better mood, increased energy, and happier, more joyful attitude towards life


  • With regards to exercise – change things up and do what you love: walk one time, ride a bike another, hike, lift weights, use an elliptical machine… just mix it up so that more muscle groups and body systems are involved.
  • Dr Brown’s philosophy – just get out and move – do things you love to do whether its walking, hiking, running, biking, tennis, racketball, golf, weight lifting, snowboard, ski, yoga, pilates, etc
  • BREATHE…  Check out the Wim Hof Method and learn how to use simple breathing techniques and a structured, therapeutic exposure to cold (via cold showering) to optimize health, metabolism, immune system function, and overall well-being.  Wim’s exercises WORK!!!!  Download his App to really learn his breathing techniques and exercises.  The App is super helpful!



Download the Wim Hof App from the App Store – do his 30 day challenge that incorporates breathing, push ups, and cold showering.  It will change your life SIGNIFICANTLY for the BETTER on almost EVERY LEVEL!

  • Get your heart rate to go up and down during your workout session. For example, if you are walking, maybe walk at at pace you can carry on a conversation for the first three minutes then walk at a pace for a minute or two that is fast enough that it is tough to carry on a conversation then alternate back and forth this way for 15 – 30 minutes.
  • You can do this with walking, running, hiking, biking, weight lifting, etc. Just get your heart rate to go up and down.
  • Add in a healthy “way of eating”  and you will REALLY lose that unwanted weight!
  • Check out the below link for a no non-sense way of eating and exercising to lose weight” by James Smith.

Check out Jame’s Smith’s book – “Not A Diet Book” – I’ve been following this guy for a while now on social media and is probably one of the best people to turn to to advice in regards to fitness and healthy weight-loss.  He shoots from the hip, holds no punches, and is SPOT ON!

  • Download the Wim Hof Method App – do his 30 Day Challenge – it will change your life!
  • Follow Paul Saladino, MD; James Smith, and Wim Hof on Instagram and FaceBook
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15 Minute Workout, Simple Eating Plan, Breathing, Cold Showering = Healthy Weight Loss Healthy Life