Have you always wanted to do more with your yard or land?  Let us help with your Permaculture needs!

Organic Gardening, Food Forests, Raised Bed Gardening,  Sustainable or Edible Landscaping, Native Habitat Restoration – Mini Meadows

Dr Brown is now a certified Permaculturist.  Services can include:

  • Installation & maintenance of an organic garden, raised bed gardens, and/ or edible landscapes
  • Creation and maintenance of food forests in your yard or on your land
  • Sustainable landscaping – We are not “primary” landscapers but will work with your landscaper and/or in the parameters of what you do have to make it more “sustainable” 
  • Creation, implementation, and maintenance of natural habitat restoration areas such as a mini-meadow
  • Free estimates/walk throughs

 Please call 913-333-8798 for more information.