Seasonal Allergies

There are no doubts about it, seasonal allergies can be a huge inconvenience, especially during the spring and fall. With flowers blooming, fruit trees blossoming, and the grass looking greener than ever, stepping outside can be a huge risk for allergy sufferers. Needless to say, shutting yourself in your house can often seem like a tempting compromise to avoid coughs, sneezes, and runny noses.

Ways to reduce chronic allergies:

  • Avoiding common food allergens such as casein, gluten, and soy can significantly reduce the body’s “inflammatory & allergenic” response to spring pollen and other airborne allergens.
  • The following supplements are some of my favorite and can be extremely helpful for reducing sneezing, runny nose, burning/watery/red eyes, and congestion:
    • Quercetin
    • Bioflavonoids
    • Vitamin C
    • NAC
    • Probiotics
    • Essential Fatty Acids


Try a short Detoxification/Cleansing Program:

  • For 3-9 days try the following regiment to support your body’s detoxification systems:
    • Eat ONLY the following foods: vegetables (with strong emphasis on cruciferous vegetables), fruits (only berries and apples), raw nuts/nut butters, and seasoning/condiments
    • Apple Cider Vinegar – 1-2 tsp 2-3x daily
    • A vegetarian based protein drink: rice, hemp, pea protein. Try to get 10-20grams of protein at least 2x/day
    • Drink half your body weight in ounces of purified water daily. Can squeeze lemon juice into the water and/or add Apple Cider Vinegar (above)
    • Natural herbal teas including Green Tea
    • Limit your coffee intake to 1 cup per day and make it organic
    • Avoid ALL other foods, liquids, etc, for this time period
    • Take nutrients in the form of supplements that aid and assist the body’s phase I & phase II detoxification pathways:
      • Alpha Lipoic Acid
      • Glutathione
      • NAC
      • Tumeric
      • Milk Thistle
      • Dandelion
      • Artichoke
      • Taurine
      • Glycine
      • Methionine
      • Chlorella
      • TMG
      • Phosphatidyl Choline
      • Folinic Acid (5-MTHF form)
      • Methylcobalamin
Suffer from season allergies? Try these health tips!
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