Thought I would give a quick list of simple tips, in addition to the above mentioned (see picture), you can do to minimize your chances of getting the flu this winter season.  We follow most of these in our household during the winter months:

  • Vitamin D3 – I generally recommend about 5000IU/day for healthy adults.  Always check with your doctor though and make sure your blood levels are monitored.
  • Vitamin C – I love Vitamin C Crystals by Douglas Labs – 4000mg per tsp.  This stuff is AWESOME!!!
  • Probiotics – these are so important for the immune system and taking high quality brands with specific strains does wonders for the immune system.  Click here for a previous blog – Stop that Sniffle before it Starts – I did on probiotics and their positive impact on your immune system.
  • Immune Enhancers such as:  Astragalus, Elderberry, Cats Claw, Zinc, Olive Leaf, Monolaurin
  • Influenzinum 200c – Our family has used this natural, homeopathic based medicine, as an alternative to getting getting the flu vaccine for decades.  It has worked extremely well for our family and many of my patients over the years in helping to prevent the flu, especially in conjunction with the above mentioned items.   It is very cost effective at about $12-15 for a vial of 80 pellets.  I generally recommend that people (of all ages) take 5 pellets under the tongue 1x/week for 3 weeks, wait a month, and then take one more dose (5 pellets).  This is NOT a guarantee that you will not get the flu but it sure has been an amazingly effective and economical alternative for a LOT of people who elect not to get the flu vaccine.

May you have a very blessed, happy, healthy holiday season and New Year!!!


Top things you can do to prevent the flu – Day 15 of our 25 Ways to Wellness Holiday Countdown
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