Thanksgiving is a day to express gratitude for everyone and everything we are thankful for. That being said… in this country we have a tendency to also take this “holiday of gratitude” to enjoy a little over indulgence in good food and good “cheer”.  

             Now, I am not telling you to NOT over indulge. Heck, part of the fun is eating more in one meal than you normally do in ONE day and then getting to plop down on the couch, turn on some football, and rub your stomach groaning loudly (with love and gratitude of course) about HOW FULL you are!!! We ALL do it, and quite frankly, it is probably good for the soul to do so once or twice a year!

            Therefore, rather than tell you to eat “healthy” on Turkey Day, I am going to share some tips on how to better manage and relieve your over indulgence!!! Happy GORGING and remember a few of these tips:

  • Before your meal – take a few capsules of a good, high-quality, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme to support your stomach and pancreas.
  • Try taking a good bitters formula – this stimulates your own HCL (hydrochloric acid) production and pancreatic enzymes. And YES… a stout or dark beer does contain bitters that can actually help with digestion!!!
  • Try drinking most of your liquids BEFORE your meal and maybe two hours after eating so you don’t dilute the digestive enzymes and slow down the digestive process.
  • Chew your food properly. A LOT of people (this guy included) tend to “inhale” our food because it taste SO good. Slow down, chew properly, and savor it!
  • Take some time after eating BEFORE eating dessert. Maybe even go on a short walk and THEN eat dessert.
  • Try taking 5 pellets of a homeopathic remedy called Nux Vomica 30c. This is a GREAT (and cheap) homeopathic medicine that can assist the body with over indulgence of food and/or alcohol. PS – it also helps minimize the effects of a hang-over if taken before bed and first thing upon waking in the AM if you have a bit to much “cheer”
  • For those of you who suffer from sluggish bowels or constipation… try taking 250-300mg of magnesium citrate before bed. This can help you have a nice bowel movement in the AM and relieve some of that “fullness”
  • Maybe try doing a vita-mix veggie cocktail or veggie based “juicing” upon waking the next day. This is very easily digested, hydrating, and gives the digestive system a break before you dive into leftovers at lunch and/or dinner.
  • If you have access to a Far Infrared Sauna – try getting in a good sweat the next day for 20-30 minutes.
  • Last of all… don’t stress about 1-2 days of over-indulgence. No one puts on “permanent weight” in 1-2 days of eating. You might be on some “water retention weight” but 2-3 days of eating well will help you get right back to your pre-turkey day weight. Just ENJOY the GOOD food, good company of friends and loved ones, and GOOD cheer!!!

Peace and Gratitude to you and yours and have a very BLESSED Thanksgiving!!!

Michael Brown, ND

Turkey Day Tips for Overeating & Over-indulgence!!!